Gyula Horn Virtual Museum was created to pay homage to the memory of the former Prime Minister. We need to emphasize his importance, since Gyula Horn's work and leadership set an example both for the domestic and the European Left, and promoted the integration of our country in the Western world before and after the dissolution of the Soviet Empire. This website was created to substantially address this exceptional politician, to whom both Europe and Hungary owe a great deal. It is our belief, however, that the work should not end here.

It is of outmost importance to develop a collective work of scientific demand based on systematic processing out of the huge amount of data and related documentation regarding Gyula Horn's life. This academic work will not only serve the aim of preserving Gyula Horn's life achievement, but it would also bring us closer to understanding Hungary's modern history. The founder and operator of the website, Mihály Táncsics Foundation, shall do its best to publish this work.

Ferenc Baja Dr.
TMA  foundation, President